I Love My Curls Because…

We hit Queen Street West in Friday’s sunshine to do some curlspotting, and ask the question “why do you love your curls?”. Thanks to all the beautiful curly people who shared both their sentiments and their smiles with us!

 They make me feel like a lioness

They’re crazy, lol, and they’re always different

They help me with my modelling

They’re easy!

I like the way they curl at the bottom

(in Spanish accent) Mmmm, because I like! (shoulder shrug)

You don’t have to do anything for them to look good – just wash and go!

They’re fun and bouncy

‘Cause they show up whenever they feel like it

It’s awesome the way they frame your face

I am proud, they are from my father

I fought the curl, but then I just went with it (and now the whole office likes his hair)

They’re cute!

‘Cause they’re big!

Because they are exotic


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